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Gov't Agencies' RFQs

Agencies' RFQ Searches

With over 600,000 RFQs released annually by U.S. government agencies, contractors require a better tool than simple DIBBS and FBO sites. ALI meets this need with the most powerful RFQ system in government logistics marketplace to handle these Requests for Quoataions.

Search Rules

You quickly define rules that tailor searches to exactly what you want. The results will be the daily RFQs that best apply to your distribution or manufacturing capabilities. Search Rules are setup initially based on CAGE Code of Approved Manufacturer, Awardee, specific NSN, part number, Item Name, keyword or the entire Federal Supply Class (FSC). Some example rules:

  1. Search all DLA agencies for FSC codes 5305, 5306 and 5310
  2. Seach only Army & TACOM for CAGE = 45152 and FSCs = 5305 and 5306

Each search, using as many Search Rules as you want, returns a list of the unique RFQs matching your criteria. You can see that complex rules can narrow down the results to just those you want - and quickly. But, sometimes a little more is needed.


But still, some of these RFQs might not be appropriate for you. Our limiting filters can weed out RFQs based on Small Business Set-asides, dollar values, AMC, IDPO, and a few others. This further thins out the RFQs you need to examine.

Once the data is displayed on the screen, display filters highlight important RFQs based on stock, important CAGE Codes, such as your own, major vendors and many others.

Quick, Complete, Informative RFQs

You can win bids simply by bidding quickly. ALI provides ALL RFQs in a timely manner; roughly 1/3 are one to two days earlier than DIBBS. Without ALI, a competitor can get a PO before you've seen the RFQ.

ALI also provides RFQs that may not be listed in daily runs or separated into other sub-categories such as non-competitive NPD, fastener and hardware buys, large buys, emergency unlisted buys, FMS, and re-posted RFQs. But ALI has them all.

ALI's RFQ search results show added information from many difficult-to-access government databases. This includes surplus, de-barred, stop awards, modification and cancellation notices. Then, we add information from our Drawings and Specifications repositories so you can quickly check technical details of interest.

Results Display:

ALI provides three methods of daily RFQ delivery: Web interface, Email (automated), and FTP. Let's look at a web search results page.

RFQ Search Results Display

That compact format hides a wealth of details in addition to those shown above. They are: Acquisition Method, Set-Aside, Awarded/Duplication/Cancelled/Acknowledged Status note, Instant Bid Button, Part History Button, Fast Quote button for your vendors, Complete Drawing Sets (if available), link for c-Folders for Controlled Drawings - some email capable, links for Complete and DIBBS RFQ copies, Last Quoted Price, Required Delivery Date, Standard Unit Price, MCRD P/N listing including RN code. Award History (uploaded hourly) includes Modification data, Qualified Distributor/Mfr with CAGE info and home page link, surplus note and contractor, Debarred or Replaced contractor, contractor bid date, and First Article price and delivery note.

Vendor RFQs

The "Fast Quote" buttons in the image above are used if you wish to send RFQs to your vendors. A quick, customizable RFQ is sent via fax or email to any number of vendors you use. See Fast Quotes for more information.


If you only want RFQs but want comprehensive searching among DLA/DIBBS, NECO, TACOM, ARMY, FBO and other major U.S. Military and Federal purchasing activities, define the FSCs and CAGE Codes you want to see and RFQLite will email them to you. For more details and a free 30-day offer, see RFQLite Info.


If you handle large numbers of RFQs on a daily basis, you may be interested in our RFQ RECON system. It's overall management of the RFQ and Quote/Bid process can streamline a lot of your work


As you can see, not only do you get ALL RFQs quickly, our tools let you quickly discard unwanted RFQs yet still let you see related ones that might be of interest. Other tools give you all that you need to quote the government.

To see the ALI Advantage let us email you a custom list of specific RFQs tailored to your company.

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