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Fast Quotes: Vendor RFQs

ALI's Fast Quote System is a complete vendor RFQ & PO Management System. Our proprietary intelligent search and locate software engine allows for semi-automatic or full-automatic processing of large numbers of daily DLA RFQS.

In Fully Automatic mode our clients can send out 50%-80% of daily RFQs to their vendor before 6AM EST, minimizing their government sales department's workload and getting in front of the vendor before everyone else. This also eliminates all paper and manual handling of thousands of daily RFQs. The Fast Quote System reduces DLA RFQ Processing life-cycle from an average of 7 minutes per RFQ to 30 seconds per RFQ!

An example Vendor quote is shown below. Clicking any binocular icon lets you quickly search from a list of relevant choices. For example, clicking on the Likely Suppliers' binoculars show a list of your likely suppliers based on MCRD, Award History and your prior suppliers.

Fast Quotes, in addition to managing vendor RFQs, also creates and sends out vendor POs. Once DLA orders arrive, clients easily, within seconds, create and send POs which are automatically populated from vendor RFQ data. An ISO/MIL-I/DPAS compatible Contract Management System monitors all DLA related Vendor POs.

Advantages of ALI's Fast Quote System
  • Automated vendor RFQs
  • Semi-auto review before send vendor RFQs
  • Automatic vendor reply processing
  • Vendor PO System
  • Customize vendor RFQ email form with client logo
  • Email or Fax document transmission
  • Direct load of all vendors data into database
  • 30 minute setup
  • Unlimited live instructions
  • DLA Expert Customer Service Staff

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