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About ALI Corp.


American Logistics Information Corp. was established in 1988 to help local Southern California contractors do business with the DLA Supply Centers and DoD. When the Federal Government and many Fortune 1000 companies embraced EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), was ready. Due to our combination of easy-to-use software, dedicated customer service and low cost, became, and remains, the most popular of all government VANs (Value Added Networks).'s interconnect capabilities allow instant communication with DLA supply centers, including individual military bases. Today we are still at the cutting edge of technology with easy-to-use systems, low cost and our famous dedication to customer service.


1988 - ALI Corp. initially started as a sales consulting firm, helping small Southern California companies sell fasteners, o-rings and machined CNC parts to the (then) four DLA agencies and to military bases.

1989 - ALI Corp. created the first commercially available PC Software to manage daily competitive RFQs & BPA Contracts.

1990 - ALI Corp. innovates again creating the first "bulletin board" for DoD contracting that sent data via 2400-24400 modems to a couple of dozen California contractors. We also created the most up-to-date DLA Research System. Data was converted from DoD AS400 tape for use in PC systems.

1993 - DoD & DLA started to use EDI. ALI Corp. was the first VAN to get approval and pass DLA testing, connecting directly to DLA computer systems via T1 data lines. DFAS payment office became EDI capable at the same time allowing ALI clients easier invoicing and better, hassle-free payment processing replacing DD250 forms.

1998-2005 - ALI Corp. became the first web-based EDI contracting system, and introduced Commercial EDI to connect clients to Boeing, Lockheed and other OEMs that had switched to EDI almost overnight. ALI Corp. also created special "robots" that accessed the plethora of government data that was appearing on the web. That was saved and converted into easy-to-read reports that greatly improved the analysis of RFQs for quoting and intelligence against competition.

2005-2008 - With increasing demand for more detailed NSN background information, ALI Corp. created the PartsMaster system that is unequaled in defining sources of supply. PartsMaster gave (and still gives) our clients a big advantage in quoting parts. It is also used by DLA/DoD personnel as a source for better, up-to-date information put in an aggregated report not available from the government.

2010 - The XML data format was adopted for use by EDI: some clients and government agencies saw that as an easier path for their data transmission needs. ALI Corp. clients had no difficulties since our in-house software engineering department rapidly made any desired conversions.

2011 - ALI Corp. became an approved AAFES and MCX EDI solution partner, implementing electronic contracting with Army Air Force and Marine Exchange systems. ALI clients easily setup and processed documents with only a few minutes training.

2012 - With the introduction of the Cloud's any-to-any capabilities, ALI used this technology to create even more convenient ways for our clients to connect to vendors and customers requiring EDI or automation of standard business documents.

2013 - Foreign Military (FMS) and Foreign Government Sales (FGS) procurement programs have been added to provide more RFQs to our clients. RFQs from our allies: Australia, Canada, and United Kingdom plus the DoD FMS program and NATO supplement sales add extra opportunities for you.