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Gov't Shipment Document Services

Gov't Shipping Document Services

ALI Corp. clients easily create MIL-STD-129 & MIL-STD-130 bar code labels, Advance Ship Notices & DD-250 forms.

Shipping Labels

When you need to print unit, exterior, or MSL bar code labels without typing, just load your Avery label stock into your laser printer, choose how many labels you want and press enter; it's that easy! Data from the matching Gov't PO is automatically entered for you.

Print these sample labels on your printer to see if they might work for you:

Advance Ship Notices

ALI provides Advance Ship Notice as a separate EDI document when necessary for IDPO & Long-Term contracts, pre-filling it with the PO data. It is then sent to DLA using our normal EDI processes.

DD250 Forms

DD250 documents are also available for origin inspections or packing slips. They can be tedious to fill out. Again, ALI's PO data comes to the rescue making these forms easy to create.

Advantages of ALI's Shipment Document Services:

  • Easily create MIL-STD-129 & MIL-STD-130 Unit Bar Code Labels
  • Exterior Labels
  • MSL (Military Shipping Labels)
  • Compatible with your laser printer - Just load label sheets and press enter
  • Data from your EDI PO auto-fills the labels for you
  • Auto-fill ASN (Advance Shipping Notice)
  • Auto-fill DD-250 form

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