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WAWF DFAS Invoices

Are you frustrated with the WAWF website?

Do you need an easier, faster, and more reliable alternative?

Quick, Robust Invoices

ALI Corp. is an approved WAWF Network. We directly download into WAWF and monitor acceptance of your invoices. Our Customer Service staff are experts in DLA and WAWF document processing. They monitor all transactions and on rare occasions when problems arise, provide an instant solution.

Easier Processing

ALI Corp. has been transmitting invoices to DLA since first approved in 1993 by DFAS. ALI transmits thousands of invoices a day into the WAWF system for both small business contractors and large OEMs. The Invoice data-entry form is automatically populated with contract data from the government EDI PO so clients can process each invoice within seconds without mistakes.

We also offer FTP direct file upload, allowing automation of the process with ERP systems or in-house accounting softwares.

Remittance Advice Documents

You probably need Remittance Advice documents (RA; EDI 820) which are electronic documents eport that precede the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) payment from DFAS. The RA report breaks down the forthcoming payment dates and note the contracts and line items that are being paid. Your Account Receivables department probably can't do without it.

ALI Corp. WAWF/DFAS Invoice System advantages are:

  • 30 second to submit auto-fill invoices
  • Three different layout options to complete an invoice
  • One- time 10 minute setup
  • Live Customer service
  • On-line data monitoring
  • Document History Reports
  • ASN/ RR - Invoice ASN Combo
  • Printable (old-school) DD250
  • Unit & Shipping online label printing
  • MSL online bar code labels
  • live training
  • Online training videos
  • ROI - Reduce workload by 90%
  • ROI - Reduce delayed invoice payments due to typos

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