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Gov't Quotes/Bids/RFQ Responses

Gov't Quotes/Bids/RFQ Responses

Quoting on DIBBS and other government sites is cumbersome and time consuming. Professional contractors rapidly quote Directed, NPD, and any of the more than 2,000 daily RFQs using ALI's Quoting System.

Setup Your Default Quote Info

This is a day one setup and is only changed when needed. While quoting, you'll find that data has already auto-filled into the entry page and all you have to type is: Price, Delivery, and when necessary, vendor CAGE and Part Number from an Approved list. This way your quoting time can be under 30 seconds per quote with fewer mistakes that results getting more winning orders.

Part History & Research

To help you prepare the most advantageous quote, use our PartsMaster and Research reports to get comprehensive and informative NSN Reports and other related reports. These NSN Reports will give you a thorough background about the part, its quoting history, technical specs, and if needed drawings and Technical Manuals.

Drawings & Specs

ALI has one of the largest digital databases of U.S. Military part Drawings & Specs. This can be very helpful in giving you detailed information that informs your bid.

Vendor RFQs

If you're a distributor, you might want to get quotes from your vendors. Our Fast Quotes system allows for just that: click on the RFQ, choose your vendor(s) from a list and ALI sends it out. ALI can also automatically receive and record vendor price and delivery.


Most contractors calculate their quote price using a number of costs: product, Log Mars, Packaging, Freight out, etc. In ALI's Worksheets you define the categories you care about. A markup percent is applied to this. Then, Price Breaks must be determined. ALI's worksheet can help with those calculations. You enter a markup percent and the category costs and all calculations are done for you. The results are completely editable by you so you can get to a successful price quickly without being interrupted by tedious math. Your calculations are retained in case they are needed for future analysis.


With that background, there are four easy methods to quote on ALI's web system solution, developed with input from clients over the last 20 years:

  • Bid Now, for instant bidding as you review RFQs
  • RECON System bidding, from a list of each day's RFQ picks
  • Quoting System list of all pending RFQs
  • Add an RFQ and Response use your own list, auto-fill from by NSN/SOL

Quote forms are easy to use. ALI sales staff will train your personnel within minutes and re-train anyone as needed. ALI's Customer Service constantly monitors all quote submissions for possible rejections and notifies clients immediately.

ALI is the only entity that utilizes a dual quote and backup system, submitting quotes directly to DIBBS then, in case DIBBS is down, ALI sends your quote via EDI directly into DLA's computer systems using a secure T2 line.


Submitting a quote through ALI has two other advantages: Award Notification and Tracking notifies you on the day of the award if an order is placed with a competitor. This allows you to either sell your stock to the awardee or to protest the award. And, our Research system's Bid Analysis Report, our most popular report, gives you a valuable tool to monitor your quoting performance.


If you handle large numbers of RFQs and Quotes/Bids on a daily basis, you may be interested in our RFQ RECON system. It's overall management of the RFQ and Quote/Bid process can streamline a lot of your work

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