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RECON: PO-Invoice Management

RECON PO Management

RECON PO and PO Status together form a complete DLA contract and Vendor PO Management System. This system was designed with ISO, MIL-I 45208, and DPAS requirements in mind. It allows ALI clients to easily review incoming DLA contracts, send out vendor POs, monitor all stages of the contract performance and invoice DLA.

RECON PO Management System eliminates hours of manual processing of daily documents, reduce workload, mistakes, and increases on-time contract performance.

Once activated the Contract and PO Status monitoring system is automatically populates all live DLA contracts, including any modifications. It notifies supervisory and management staff of impending problems in any stage of contract performance.

Advantages of ALI's PO RECON System
  • Automatic Importing & Displaying of DLA POs
  • Pre-filled Vendor PO Generation
  • Single Key Vendor PO Transmission
  • Meets DoD DPAS notification requirement
  • ISO and MIL-I-45208 compatible Contract System monitors all DLA related Vendor POs
  • Email or Fax Vendor PO
  • Easily Export Vendor List
  • Seamlessly Connect to Contract Management System
  • ROI - Reduce purchasing department workload by 50%
  • ROI - Increase ABVM rate by better on-time performance
  • ROI - Management monitoring system averting contract problems

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