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Commercial EDI Done The Easy Way

Since 1988 ALI Corp. has been on the forefront of Electronic Business Document Exchange. Starting with DoD's EDI-X12 initiative in early 90's and continuing with GSA EDI, ALI later moved to Aerospace EDI with Boeing and Lockheed EDI programs. Later over 50 different OEM EDI programs were implemented for ALI's clients.

In 2012 ALI started a number of new projects to facilitate rapid conversion of client and vendor documents into electronic versions. Below is a list our latest endeavors:

RFQ-to-Bid - ALI's had long experience managing Requests for Quote (RFQs) and returned Bids from/to gov't agencies and OEMs, But, as the first part of a full Supply Chain Management process, ALI has now added vendor RFQ/Bid management to our Commercial EDI system. This will reduce the burden on your sales department while automating many functions that are currently done manually. Just contact us for a live demonstration.

Procure-to-Pay P2P - The second, but crucial, part of Supply Chain Management is automating Purchase Orders, Advance Ship Notices, Invoices and their transmissions or receipts. ALI has 25 years of direct EDI experience in this field, with the DoD and OEMs (both large and medium size). Let us show you in a live demonstration how easily it is all setup and done.

Any-to-Any Document Exchange - A recent innovation by ALI's software engineers, this simply means that we can send or receiveany electronic document within minutes, not days. Using our simple web software, your Invoice or PO Acknowledgment can become an electronic document and sent out immediately, taking away hours of manual processing. Call us for a live demonstration.

Any-to-Any Format - ALI also has the capability of converting documents from one format to another. Incoming documents can be converted from Fax, PDF, text or HTML formats into any desired ouput. Outgoing documents and be sent as faxes, emails or web pages. Or, they can be sent as FTP or XML or other format documents to PCs or ERP servers. Just give us your document problem and let us deal with the hassles and offer cost-effective, timely solutions.

Mobile - As ALI's newest and latest area of expansion, in 2013 we'll send your documents to any tablet, pad, or smart phone anywhere in the world. Let us demonstrate our multi-faceted capabilities in a live demonstration.

Sample Web Entry Pages

Steelcase Invoice Header:

Steelcase Invoice Header

Owens Minor Setup:

Owens Minor Setup