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FTP Solution

FTP Processing

ALI Corp. provides a completely customizable FTP direct data upload/download solution. While most clients find our web software a powerful way to manage all aspects of DLA/DoD/GSA/WAWF and/or OEM contracting, others, having larger volumes of data or those needing automation, use our FTP solution for direct data access.

Government Contractors

For government contractors, ALI has created simple data layouts for RFQs, breaking them down to seven "Types" of data elements, Header, PID, Packaging, Ship-to, APN, MCRD, and Awards. Also; other contracting documents such as POs and text messages are formatted for easy programming. Uploading data is easier. We provide simple format definition files to your programmers for importing; you may return your files in any format you like including XML.

Commercial Contractors

Commercial entities requiring FTP document transfer can easily achieve that with only a small setup effort. All documents are processed by our latest 2013 server hardware platform. Our custom in-house EDI software processing is done in real-time without any delays. Your documents are routed directly to your private mailbox; documents you send are retrieved every few seconds. We can also supply data to your ERP server in XML or other formats.

Complete Customization

ALI can provide 100% custom file generation in any format, including XML for use by all systems including ERP systems. Our in-house software engineers work with your IT/MIS department to setup any format or communication protocol your company requires. FTP & SFTP servers are available for direct IP level connection. Our knowledgeable staff monitors the system 24/7, 365 days a year. ALI, is approved by DoD and many military and aerospace OEM, and major manufacturers and master distributors for contract data transmission directly to DoD, DLA, WAWF, GSA hubs and major VANs and EDI systems via T2 lines, exchanging data every few seconds.

ALI Corp. FTP data management advantages are:

  • HTML, FTP, SFTP protocols
  • XML, EDI-X12, Comma Delimited, Tab Delimited, Excel, selected table formats
  • In-house software engineers
  • Quick turn-around for custom projects
  • 12/6 Customer Service for all government data transfer accounts
  • 24/7 system availability
  • Complete web-based Contract Management Solution at no charge for FTP accounts