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Research and PartsMaster System

Aerospace & Defense contractors require the latest and most complete information on NSNs. This includes supplier information, past prices, & deliveries, and often drawings and other technical data is also needed to inform you in your bidding and contracting decisions.

Some basic data is available on various DoD websites, however quality and availability varies quite a lot. Commercial data providers unfamiliar with DLA/DoD provide incomplete information that's only updated every 30 to 90days.

ALI's PartsMaster & Research Systems provide strategic intelligence that is updated every few minutes!

Data are gathered and provided in real time, every few seconds, from a variety of Federal and DoD data sources. It is then organized and indexed to get you an easy to read comprehensive NSN reports. Other reports provide intelligence on your competitor's bidding habbits, such as Manufacturer Awards Report (who are the awardees for a certain manufacturer or OEM).

ALI also provides specifications, schematics, pictures, complete drawing, sets, and Technical Manuals.

DoD and DLA personnel rely on ALI's PartsMaster reports to locate hard to find parts or get secondary pricing.

The PartsMaster NSN Report contains the following database:

  • NSN Identification 18 data elements
  • Master Cross Reference Data MCRD 12 Data elements
  • Management 11 data elements
  • Management futures 11 data elements
  • Technical characteristics
  • CAGE Information 8 data elements
  • Award History 12 data elements
  • Source of supply 4 data elements
  • Phrase Data 7 data elements
  • Fright Data 15 data elements
  • MOE Rule Codes 11 data elements

PartsMaster NSN Report unique databases are:

  • Approved Part Numbers and manufacturers* 4 data elements
  • Acquisition summary history forecast chart *
  • Past sales figures *
  • Acquisition forecast 6 data elements *
  • RFQ history 10 data elements *
  • Post Award 10 data elements *
  • Drawings *
  • Alternative source of supply 6 data elements *
  • PartsMaster Inventory *
  • PartsMaster Capability *
  • Latest PID & Packaging info *
  • Pictures & Illustrations *
  • Technical Manuals 5 data elements *
  • Technical Manual Pages (Thumbnails) *
  • Kits 7 data elements *
  • Packaging codes 26 data elements *
  • Surplus 6 data elements *
  • End Item 2 data elements *

* Indicates unique PartsMaster database

Please note: not all NSNs have all data elements available. Please see Terms of Use.

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