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FMS - Foreign Military Sales

DoD purchases of spare parts for U.S. allies that use U.S. built equipment has risen recently. ALI's FMS program combines direct, DoD, and NATO RFQs under one program. Most of these RFQs have NSNs with complete supporting data, such as MCRD, APN, and Award History. Many also come with Technical Data Pages for U.S. Manufacturers and CNC shops for part production.

ALI Corp. will also provide FMS POs, Advance Ship Notices, and Invoices. ASNs and Invoices are pre-populated with PO data, minimizing data entry. Purchase Orders are placed into the RECON PO Management System for monitoring and ISO and MIL-SPEC quality control compliance.

Advantages with ALI Corp. are:

  • FMS RFQs from multiple sources
  • Purchase Order electronic processing
  • Advance Ship Notice pre-populated electronic transmission
  • Invoice pre-populated electronic transmission
  • Automatic notification of RFQ matching your profile upon arrival
  • Complete Technical Data Packages, Drawing sets, and Specs on many RFQs
  • Complete reference Information for RFQs with NSNs
  • Automated vendor request for pricing transmitted through RECON System
  • Pre-populated vendor PO and PO Acknowledgment through RECON System
  • Can be added and reviewed with DLA and DoD daily RFQ run
  • RECON PO Management System listing for monitoring and Quality control compliance
  • FTP package for client's in-house data processing available

Sample RFQs