Compare the AdVAN tage is a FULL SERVICE VAN, averaging 2000 to 3000 RFQs daily from DLA, Army, Navy, Air Force, and civilian agencies. American Logistics Information Corp. was the test VAN for the original SAMMS and then MOCAS invoice in 1993. We were also the first to test and go online for WAWF in 2006, and to add RFID in 2007.


"Whatever job you are performing, it is imperative to use the right tool for the task. When doing business with the government, it is essential to utilize the information and services provided by ALICorp. Having ALICorp as a tool, is comparative to using a cordless drill versus a screwdriver."
Kate K.


In order to engage in electronic contracting with the U.S. Government (which is now required), a company has three options:

  • Free U.S. Government websites: DIBBS, NECO, TACOM, FedBizOpps, GSA and WAWF to name a few. There, you will be competing with the other 500,000 plus companies fighting for a share of the DoD, GSA contracts.
  • Bid Service VAN (Value Added Network): Abstract data companies that copy the data from the government websites and may add peripheral information such as Award History. They either email you the information or place it on their own websites. You are on your own the rest of the way.
  • Full Service VAN: is a data communication company with full EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) capability to exchange contracting documents between your business and the Government, (B2G) and your business and other businesses (B2B). We also supply additional information to compliment this data, giving the advantage to our customers over those contractors who rely on the free government sites and simple bid-service VANs.

When shopping for a VAN to give you the competitive edge, how do you know which one to choose for success? We can help you. Scroll down and use our comprehensive VAN SERVICE CHECKLIST, which tells you what services are available from, the VAN industry leader, and why the top selling companies at DLA, DoD, and GSA use us - even when they can do it all for free.

COMPARE SERVICES with your current VAN

Document Comparison Access Availability
Speed Government Sites Your VAN?
RFQ: (T,Q,U,B,R,Z), large buys, buyer directed EDI RFQ - no FOIA data, actual data from the RFQ - and Manual Buys. DSCC, DSCP, DSCR, FACNET - DIBBS, NPD, IDPO 4-8 hours early YES 4 different sites needed, access to only 85% of RFQs  
BID: DSCC, DSCP, DSCR, FACNET - DIBBS, NPD seconds YES 3 different sites needed  
Quote Rejection: (Application Advice) DSCC, DSCP, DSCR 10-20 minutes YES NO  
850/3050 4010
PO: Standard, DIBBS, Long Term, EPPI, POPS, IDPO DSCC, DSCP, DSCR 4-8 hours early YES 4 sites needed, not all long term contracts available  
Invoice: SAMMS, MOCAS, ECAT, WAWF, DFAS seconds YES 2 different websites needed  
Acknowledgement (ACK): Guarantee the Government received your document 5-10 minutes YES NO  
Remittance Advice: An accounting report from DFAS showing detailed EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) data seconds YES NO  
Award Notice: Shows who won, at what price, and your quote info seconds YES NO  
855 PO Acknowledgement: Long term contract - TVR seconds YES NO  
Advance Ship Notice (ASN): Automatic and Manual seconds YES NO  
857 Invoice/ASN Combo seconds YES WAWF Only  
865 PO Change: Purchase Order Change - TVR seconds YES NO  
832 Catalog: Primarily GSA 10-20 minutes YES VERY difficult  

Compare Other Government Agencies & Programs with
DPSC: Food and Medical Divisions YES Limited  
FACNET: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Civilian Agencies YES Requires 10 different sites  
GSA: Purchase Order, Invoice, and Catalog YES Website plus paper  
NECO: RFQ, Quote, PO, Acknowledgment YES Yes  
NPD: DIBBS Non-Public Buyer Directed RFQs YES Closed to public  
REDSTONE ARSENAL: RFQ, Quote, PO, Acknowledgment YES Yes  
TACOM: Purchase Order, PO Acknowledgement, Invoice, Messages YES Limited  
USA ARMAMENT-CHEM CMD: RFQ, Quote, PO, ACK YES Yes-difficult  
USA COMM-ELECT CMD: RFQ, Quote, PO, ACK YES Yes-difficult  
USA MISSILE CMD: RFQ, Quote, PO, ACK YES Yes-difficult  
Compare Other Government Services with
Automatic Email Notification of New RFQs & POs YES NO  
Automatic RFQ Filtering: Past Awards, Listed CAGEs, Stock Inventory, Unwanted NSNs YES NO  
Automatic Unacknowledged Document Notification YES NO  
RFQ History: Total history including supplier, last quote lost, MCRD, actual PID, Tech Char, award history w/delivery, P/N awarded - in real time YES NO  
Printable DD250: Classic format, minimal typing YES Yes-difficult  
Compare Other Communications Services with
Supplier RFQ: Send request to vendor for pricing; review new RFQs YES N/A  
Supplier PO: Send PO to vendor when contract is received YES N/A  
FTP: Complete upload/download of selected data in database or custom format. ALL RFQs or custom filtering. These RFQs also include ALICorp research data. YES Limited  
IBX: Data Exchange - Send RFQs and POs to suppliers; minimal typing. Any document, any format: FAX, email, EDI, HTML or XML YES N/A  
Auto Quotes: Manufacturers and Master Distributors - Quote once and automatically send it to all your customers YES N/A  
State, County, City, Foreign Country: World Wide RFQs Selling to cities, counties, and states, over 500 sites YES Requires access to 100s of sites  
Inventory Online - PartsMaster: Inventory, Capability, Award History Listing, RFQ Broadcasting YES N/A  
Commercial EDI: Boeing, Bell, Edison, 3M, Sikorsky, over 50 OEMs YES N/A  
Software - Client/Server System: Work off-line faster than web YES N/A  
Custom Programming: Customizing your RFQ system YES N/A  
Compare Research Data Services with
Awards: From 45 years ago up to the minute YES Limited  
CCR/CAGE: Contact information plus email, sales figures, P/N count YES Requires 2 different sites  
DoD Data: MOE, Management, Phrase, Freight YES Not in DIBBS  
Drawings: Standard and non-standard, Army, Navy, Air Force, OEM , all revisions, all pages together, always available 24/7, all digital and ready to download now YES Limited time available; difficult to pull 80%  
MCRD: 15 million NSN and Part Numbers of DoD YES Not in DIBBS  
Pictures & Generic Illustrations: CAD drawings and pictures of parts YES NO  
PMA: Commercial Aircraft Part Number and manufacturers YES NO  
Surplus: Parts sold by Govt, includes price and quantity YES NO  
Technical Characteristics: Dimensional description of DoD parts YES Not in DIBBS  
Technical Manuals: What systems the parts are used in YES NO  
Compare Special Report Services with
Award Tracking: Flag specific RFQs for tracking award YES NO  
Bid Analysis Report: Know who you're losing orders to, and why YES NO  
Competition Analysis Report: You vs your competition YES NO  
Manufacturer / Distributor Award Analysis YES NO  
Compare Web-based Government Business Systems with Systems
Custom RFQ Report: All the data & info you need to quote YES NO  
Quote RFQs: Directly from our website, no need for Govt sites YES YES  
Receive Awards: Often 4-8 hours before they are posted on Govt sites YES YES  
Search Profile: Maintain your own criteria YES Limited  
Send WAWF and DFAS Invoices: EASY & FAST YES Requires 2 different sites  
Send WAWF Receiving Reports w/RFID: EASY & FAST YES WAWF Only  
Contract Administration: ISO and DPAS compliance, track all your POs through your company's system YES NO  
Expert Customer Service with
Live, Expert help: 6 days per week, 12 hours per day! YES NO  
Notes on Documents:
  • 840: RFQ (Request For Quotation)
    • Header: NSN, SOL, PR, AMC, INC, QSLM/QSLD, MSDS, Value, Due, FIIG, SBSA, FOB, Inspection, Buyer, and IDPO
    • PID: actual description from the DLA/DoD RFQ, (not the boiler plate data from FOIA); Two versions: abbreviated, and full PID
    • Picture / generic illustration
    • MCRD list of manufacturers and part numbers with RN and DAC
    • APN (an Innovation) Approved Part Number listing with manufacturer name and CAGE
    • Technical characteristics listing dimensions and general features of the part
    • Distribution instructions; Packaging and shipping requirements
    • Award History
      • Up to the minute with latest data adding every hour
      • Showing latest 10 purchase orders history
      • Showing contractors no longer active (out of business, de-barred, etc.)
      • Showing cancelled contracts
      • Showing contractors no longer bidding on RFQs
      • Showing delivery
      • Showing surplus parts sold
    • Pre-Released RFQs available one to two days in advance
    • Listing large buys, RFPs
    • Listing Long-Term, IDPO, and "Bucket" contract RFQs
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  • 843 and #864 (DIBBS): Response to RFQ, (Bid)

    You may quote all the RFQs you pickup from in real-time right on our system. We cover both DIBBS and the Bases.

    • Fast Quote: Price, Delivery, Part Number, Manufacturer CAGE, done! Our system allows you to select Approved Part Numbers with CAGE for easy and accurate quoting.
    • Detail Quote: If you need to offer an alternate part or place of inspection or any other non-standard requirement, you have an easy Detail Quote page that will walk you through all options.
    • Setup: Specify the standard boiler-plate clause responses that you have to make on every RFQ- one time! Quote' rapid fire' - from three to ten quotes per minute!
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  • 824: Application Advice (Quote Rejection)

    DIBBS started a new document this year that allows a buyer to electronically notify you of a problem with your quote. This could be anything from a new updated quantity to problems with your offer. You only get this via EDI and it's not available on the Government's free website.

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  • 850: Purchase Order (PO)

    All POs are sent to you electronically, most often half a day before they are published on the DIBBS website. Occasional problems prevent a PO from appearing on either the web or a sent EDI., in addition to receiving your POs directly from DLA, checks the DIBBS site daily for all new customer POs and notifies you in case one does not arrive electronically. The 4010 is used for long-term contracts (LTC) only. It provides more detail and allows multiple line items.

    • DIBBS
    • Long Term
    • EPPI
    • POPS
    • IDPO
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  • 810: Invoice was the test VAN for the original SAMMS and then MOCAS invoice in 1993. We were also the first to test and go online for WAWF in 2006 and the addition of RFID in 2007. Customers use our service instead of DFAS/WAWF for two main reasons: easy and fast data entry, and the peace of mind that the document has been received and accepted by the Government.

    • SAMMS
    • MOCAS
    • WAWF
    • RFID
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  • 997: Acknowledgment (ACK)

    The most important document in EDI, ACK will save you months of waiting for payment of invoices you sent that the Government claims not to have received. You will know you did not lose an order simply because your bid got lost, as ACK is a background "we got it" that helps both the government and the contractor make sure what they sent is received by the other. This is ONLY available via EDI. On those rare occasions when the government does not acknowledge receipt of your bid or invoice, automatically alerts you within 24 hours.

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  • 820: Remittance Advice

    Sent to you from DFAS paying office, the report in this document notifies your accounting department of the impending EFT to your company's bank account with the invoices/contracts being paid and the amount for each one. This document is only sent via EDI and isn't available on DIBBS.

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  • 836: Award Notice

    This document, which is only available via EDI, is sent instantly to anyone who has quoted and lost a bid. It gives you the information about the winning quote, and adds your offer to the document. This document will also help you in cases where you choose to file a protest.

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  • 856: Advance Ship Notice (ASN) sends this document automatically with the invoice! Our clients don't need to enter a separate document. When the contract requires you to separate the Invoice from ASN, we have an easy-to-use screen for you.

    • Automatic
    • Manual
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